IN-Line Consulting, LLC was formed in 2007 by Matt Watson and Mark Lively. IN-Line was formed partially out of necessity to handle the ever increasing amount of consulting work that was being performed by its parent company Beacon Comprehensive Loss Recovery, LLC; a full-service restoration company operating primarily in the Southeast United States. Before forming IN-Line, Matt and Mark had worked with each other on various projects over the years and developed a personal respect for each other and a professional admiration of each other’s construction knowledge and commitment to excellence. In 2012, Matt and Mark added forensic engineering to IN-Line’s service offerings by forming IN-Line Forensics, Inc. Together, IN-Line Consulting, LLC and IN-Line Forensics, Inc. form the IN-Line Companies. Today, Matt Watson still holds general contractors’ licenses around the country, but concentrates almost all of his effort and time to the development and growth of the IN-Line Companies, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Matt and Mark together foster an environment that lends itself to individual exceptionalism for all of our employees, which benefits all of our clients.

“Over the years IN-Line has assembled a team of professionals in offices from coast to coast who are dedicated to providing construction consulting and engineering services consistent with the highest professional standards.We are proud of the platform we have built that enables great men and women to achieve their personal and professional goals by doing what they do best, and in the process offer a superior work product to our clients.”

-Matt Watson

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to deliver timely, accurate, and valuable construction consulting services consistent with the highest professional standards.”

Leadership Team

Matt Watson – Principal, Managing Member

Mark Lively – Principal

Mike Gogel – Director of Engineering

Dave Beard – CAT Director

John Lively – Quality Control Manager

Rodney Ray – Code Specialist

Irene Holcomb – Controller

Sarah Davis – Director of Business Development