IN-Line’s estimates are comprehensive and market-specific, and can be used equally for construction profitability, or for settlement purposes.

Scopes of Work

Whether they are used for construction, settlement, or conceptual analysis, IN-Line’s Scopes of Work provide practical recovery solutions for any project, and are invaluable for any adjustment.

Cost of Repair Audits

IN-Line performs Time and Materials, Cost Plus, Guaranteed Maximum, and Emergency Service Audits, and provides verification of the necessary equipment, labor, and other resource allocations for any project, as compared to claimed amounts.

Clerk of the Works

IN-Line’s full-time, on-site clerking services provide real-time resource deployment and usage verification, resulting in contractor accountability.

Code Compliance Reviews

IN-Line’s code reviews provide information about the prevailing code at the time of original construction, and identify items and costs which are subject to new codes during reconstruction. IN-Line isolates costs specific to code compliance and provides code-specific estimates to the client.

Schedule and CPM Evaluations

IN-Line provides clients with reliable Critical Path performance and project execution data from which time-related cost impacts can be calculated.

Project Management

IN-Line offers production means and methods advice to its clients in real time to ensure that construction and restoration projects are performed efficiently and economically. IN-Line also performs retrospective Project Management analysis to identify means and methods inefficiencies and potential excessive costs.