Construction Defect Analysis

• Cost Categorization and Cost Isolation Analysis
• Damage v. Non-Damage Condition Determinations
• Damage Causation and Responsible Party Identification
• Cost of Repair Analysis and Recommendations

Damage Investigations

• Natural Disasters
• Water Intrusion
• Catastrophic Building Damage Assessments
• Structural Failures

Repair Recommendations

• Defining Pre-loss condition
• Engineering Design and Details
• Means and Methods of Construction
• Efficiency and Economy Alternatives

Design and Analysis

• Structural Integrity Assessments
• Design and Standards Compliance
• Material Sampling and Testing
• Structural Plans and Details

Dispute Resolution

• Pre-Litigation Construction and Cost Consulting
• Mediation – Expert Technical Advisory Assistance
• Litigation and Arbitration – Expert Testimony
• Insurance Appraisal Services and Umpiring